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How Much Ram Do I Need for best Photo Editing 2022?

how much ram do I need? Did you think about that;  I think yes, You did.
Feeling confused about choosing the RAM storage on your Pc or Laptop? Want to know exactly how much RAM do you need for personal photo editing or photo editing service

 Alright, I am here to answer all of your questions related to this topic. After reading this article, you will understand actually how much RAM does your computer need. 

Also, I am going to provide you some valuable tips so that you can get the peak performance from your existing RAM.  

Is it true that more RAM means better performance? We are going to reveal the myth about RAM. 

 Without wasting any time let’s proceed forward. 

First of all, you have to know the fact of how RAM works to understand the whole concept. 

What is a RAM (Random Access Memory)? 

As you can see from its full form, RAM is one kind of Memory that allows an application to run using its space. That’s the reason why it is an important element to determine the performance of your device. When you run multiple programs at a time, your device needs more space.

RAM has a direct connection with the speed and performance of your device. If your device doesn’t have enough Memory to Run an application, it will slow down the speed of your PC or Laptop.

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What does RAM do?

We can compare Ram with a desk. A larger desk allows us to put more books and papers at a time. In the same way, more memory space allows you to run more applications at a time without any interruption. 

After running any applications, it saves temporary files on the RAM storage. Suppose, you want to move some songs from your Pc to Pen Drive. When you copy those files, it saves them temporarily on the RAM. Later on, you can paste those files to your Pen Drive. 

At this stage, I hope that you have got the idea about RAM. 

Now, let’s figure out how much RAM do we need for Photo editing.

How Much ram do I need RAM Is Needed for Photo Editing? 

From our previous discussion, we have got that any application that we open on our computer starts using the Random-Access Memory. Different applications need a different amount of memory to run the application. 

Lots of Photo editing software are available for PC. Some of the popular photo editing applications are Adobe Photoshop, Affinity, Luminar, Adobe Lightroom, GIMP, etc. It depends on the application that how much RAM it needs. 

how much ram do i need
How much ram do I need for photo editing?

Let me tell you about the RAM usage of Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop uses about 0.5 GB to 2 GB RAM storage on its start-up. Affinity also uses the same amount of RAM to start. 

Surprisingly, Google Chrome also uses about 2 GB RAM when you open 7-8 tabs on it. 

If your device has 8 GB RAM and you open Adobe photo Photoshop along with Affinity, these 2 applications will occupy almost half of your RAM. When you add an extra layer or open multiple images for editing, it will use even more storage from the RAM. 

Don’t forget about other running background applications. All of those applications are using storage from the Random-Access Memory. Want to run Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox at the same time? Then, it will slow down the performance of your computer. Cause, there is not enough memory available to access. So, your device tries to close any software and manage space to run that application. That brings lag, slow down, or other issues. 

Have you got the fact? You can still do photo editing with 8 GB RAM. But it won’t be too beneficial if you want to run multiple photo editing software, browser, or media file at the same time. 

In that case, you have to upgrade your RAM to 16 GB to get a better speed and performance. Your budget doesn’t allow it? You can deal with 8 GB but don’t run multiple applications at the same time. 

So, for photo editing, you need to have at least 8 GB of RAM. 

If your budget allows, go for 16 GB. It will provide you the best performance when it comes to Photo Editing. 

How Much RAM Is Needed for Video Editing? 

Are you used to Video editing? Or, Willing to edit videos along with photos? In that case, your device will need some extra RAM. Adobe Premiere Pro uses almost 4 GB at the start-up. Adding more files and graphics will also occupy more space from RAM. At the time of Rendering Video, it uses more than 10 GB of RAM storage. Feeling tensed after seeing that number? It can use even more for the larger video rendering. 

If your device failed to provide that storage, the performance will be slow down of your computer. Even, it may stop working properly. 

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So, for Video editing, you need to have at least 16 GB of RAM. 

If your budget allows, go for 32 GB. It will provide you the best performance when it comes to Video Editing. 

Want to perform photo editing on a Computer that having low RAM storage? At the starting of this article, I told about sharing some tips with you so that you can get the best performance from your RAM. Let’s know about it and enjoy the faster experience for photo editing or any other tasks.  

How to Get the Peak Performance Without Upgrading RAM Storage? 

  • Disable Unnecessary Start-up Application: Some applications start automatically in the background and use the RAM storage. Disabling these applications will free up some storage from the RAM & it will improve the speed of the device. 
  • Decrease Animation and Visual Graphics Quality: If you are running a device with low RAM storage, you can try this trick. Decrease the quality of Animation and visual Graphics, it will free up your RAM. 
  • Turn-off Windows Auto Update: Suppose, you are working on Photoshop and suddenly your device start updating windows. If there is no enough RAM available, it will slow down the Pc’s performance. Turn-off Windows auto-update and update it when you aren’t doing any work on your Pc. 
  • Don’t Run too many Applications at a time: If you are running a pc having low RAM storage, don’t run too many applications at a time. Otherwise, it will kill more RAM space and the device won’t give a good performance. 


That was all for today. You have got the answer to how much ram do I need for photo editing. Along with this, I hope now you have a decent idea about RAM. From now on, you shouldn’t have any problem with deciding the RAM storage for photo & video editing. By following our tips, you can also edit photos with low RAM storage.

Stay tuned with us to read more useful articles like this. Thank you.  

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