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Drop Shadow Services is a robust editing solution for creating natural, polished looked pic.

It makes every shot of pic realistic, alluring in the eye of the audience.

The result is nothing but a tremendous boost in conversion.

It also increases the brand appeal.

People are hustling to market their goods and services digitally. They often rely on refined graphics to offer the value correctly.

The use of crisp, clean photos conveys a smooth, right presence that helps an organization mark itself as a quality supplier.


By modeling the effect of an illuminated light shining on the photo, our team of experts does this trick. Photo Editing Care offers shadow editing services to transform your product, model, and car photo in a meaningful way.

We ensure careful retouching in every pixel of an image. A far more aesthetically appealing portrait that makes a good impact is our promise to every client.



What is Shadow Editing Service?

There are some unique concepts in photo editing. One of them is shadow editing. We see numerous objects and things around us in our everyday lives. These are genuine. No illusionary things are present. These have shadows, sizes, shapes, and colors.

All these are also visible in photos. But the image loses its charm if the shadow is missing. Often it happens because of lighting, focus, and scene of the pic. It ruins image credibility as well.

By editing touch, you can give life to those shadows. You can also add shadow if need. In brief, the service includes the process of adding shadows under pic objects.

People use this service to make photos realistic. Typically, the shadow color is gray or black.As the name, the service is related to adding shadow under the pic subject. It can either one or multiple. Without this type, there are other shadows also. 

Let’s get an idea about these –

Natural Shadow

It is part of the graphic design services. You can create a visual effect of any pic object with this. Pro editors do this trick with an imaginary aspect. They think about where and how the shadow would be placed if it is created naturally. Here, they consider the dimension, lights, angles, etc., to make it realistic.

Cast Shadow

Sometimes, you might have shadows in images. But that may not look as perfect as it should be. To solve this issue, using the cast shadow is the only route.The task is to re-edit the shadow. Our designers will do this job according to your need. They mainly correct the opacity and transparency level.

Reflection shadow

The shadow is used to create a reflection of the subject in a pic.

Moreover, we use this trick to add a mirroring effect to any photo object.

It makes an amazing look in the pic.

Our Product Drop Shadow Editing – How the Magic Works?

For creating natural flat shadows, we consider some serious aspects. Let’s dig into this one by one.

Drop shadow 2 drop shadow

How We do Shadow Placement 

The subject focus here plays a vital role. We keep the shadow color black or gray as the proportions. In the meantime, we soften the shadow edges. It helps to make it look real and lifelike.

Any subtle mismatch here can ruin the photo appeal. Besides, the audience can easily identify the issues. It will result in them going away since they find unprofessionalism.

We also ensure proper orientation and perspective. It is, although mainly dependent on lighting. But thanks to our skilled editors who can take care even if something is not in the right place.

How the Shadow will be Adjusted

Here, following the natural guideline is vital. If the shadow placement is closer to the object, it has to be darker. The shadow edge should be strong. Similarly, if the distance is greater, it will be more blurred. And also, the shadow edges have to be smoother.

There is something more that we want to settle down while editing. Color adjustment is one of these. It is related to retouching both photo object and shadow. For instance, if we add an artistic shadow, it might not completely match the raw image. Thus, we do some editing touch with the color enhancement of the object.

Drop shadow 3 drop shadow
Drop shadow 4 drop shadow

What is Our Prime Concern?

You can also control how shadows will work in maximizing the visual look of your pic. It would be more helpful while you try to change the backdrop. We edit your images meticulously at Photo Editing Care. The care is to add natural-looking shadows and to let your product photos shine.

Any haphazardly applied shadow will do great harm to our photos. You want to dissatisfy buyers. When you show them a detailed photo with a shadow, you build confidence in them too. It is what makes them loyal customers.

When do You Want the Shadow Editing Service?

The shadow editing service is used for a particular reason. Let’s look at some primary viewpoints –

  • Your pictures need to be processed for your e-commerce platform, e-journal, or diverse catalogs.
  • If you want to add certain objects and background in a product image.
  • The background is required to be changed. For that, you need to adjust the existing shadow with the new context.
  • To make the item appear more realistic and appealing in a photo.
  • The object and picture context often have the same color. So, you add the shadow effect to concentrate the object with the same background.
  • To improve the object’s actual shadow.
  • Adding fresh shadows where they lack in the initial image.
  • To guarantee enough clarity.
  • For reorienting original drop or side shadow.
  • To render the subject with a particular history practical.
Drop shadow 5 drop shadow

Uses of Shadow Editing Service

Photo editing is more about tuning. And we do this tuning mainly with light and shadow.

You might think shadow input is un-essential. Remember, because of shadow, the light remains. The sense of shadow can be shadowed under illumination, but it is a vital object, much like light.

To attain the maximum ability of pics, one must learn why you should know why it is used. There are several reasons indeed.

Drop shadow 6 drop shadow

Contrast and drama

For adding contrast, shadowing is maybe the key to us. The first use is here to create a dramatic effect. Watchers would be attracted to the pic with a firm tone immediately. Without shadows, we cannot establish a high textural impact. A possible example could be the sun’s light piercing thru the fog.


People get to see what initially held their eye. Suppose a photo of a lady, fuzzy figures, etc., around trees. What is the picture’s intent? With the assistance of surrounding factors, the aim is to make the model friendly and noteworthy. Such a purpose is called concentration. We will remove worthless details with shadow. We may partly use shadow to amplify pic as well.

Drop shadow 7 drop shadow
Drop shadow 9 drop shadow

Attention stealer

 Shadow is a powerful weapon in the image for leading viewers. Shadow is indeed a part of the image’s key components, which is why a shadow would have a shape. Since the shadow has a shape, it can point things out or properly steer things. A shadow may surround a field of lighting that leads to the middle.

Establishing Form

A shadow will produce the same element with various shape forms. Typically it includes the light.

Most of all, pictures are treated as rough without a proper shadow effect. The shadow will build tales, together with exposing shape and texture.

Drop shadow 8 drop shadow

Benefits of Drop Shadow

The paybacks of the shadow creation service are immense for a business. Besides them, it is also important for photographers. Do you want to know how? Let’s take a look at the next section.

For Natural, Reflection, Floating Shadow effects, Photo Editing Care delivers the strongest performance. Our service supports to give every picture a real, live, and exclusive feel. This creative process for image processing adds a nice and tangible effect on every product pic.

PEC’s talented designers quickly produce shadows against any context lighting. If a picture has old shades, our team produces new shadows. We apply the effect with the path of natural light.

A successful mix of established and freshly produced shadow transforms an ordinary object into a special one. By bringing the same results over the years of success, we have gained consumer trust.

One of the famous and valued picture editing services across the globe is the Shadow service. The trained in-house operators of PEC use specialized picture processing tools and certain difficult techniques.

Those enable us the power to make a shadow conveniently. The primary purpose of creating a realistic shadow is to make the picture appealing. It brings an incredible deepness to any pic.

When shading is performed correctly, a flat image becomes more natural. There may be debris on the lens of the camera. Those distort the actual shadow. We are at your side to repair those problems.

By using recent pic shading applications and resources, we make this correction. Decent feather applications change a regular picture into an impressive one.

There is typically a group of editors in an agency. Throughout the phase, every one of them has a specific task to perform.

It is not that one has to all editing. When someone works with the backdrop, another role entirely serves shadows editing. Thus, the team can work with a vast volume of picture processing.

The service is suitable for even the graphics companies. It involves making the car or product shadow, clipping vector format, backdrop adjustments, logo edit, etc.

Working with a pic shadow services provider can ease your mind and investment greatly. For example, as a product business, you do not need an editor. You will save the pain of training your staff by avoiding hiring. It will also save your balance.

Many may believe that it costs a lump of cash to edit shadow digitally via an agency. Actually, it does not. If your picture processing firm has a broad staff, it is expected to give the service according to your plan. Well, who knows, it may be less than what you expect, perhaps.

Importance of Photo Shadow Effect for E-commerce, Automobile Business

The processing of pic shadows needs a great deal of ability or commitment. That is what is required by business users and online marketers. Planning to use natural shade has been considered helpful for sites or e-commerce. It allows firms to give a false and real-life product.

We mastered the necessary skills and approaches for good picture production. You might find this challenging on your own. Let’s find out more about why this service is vital for your business.

Stunning Product Shadow Creation

Product shade creation is perfect for the item’s outlook. Sometimes, due to inadequate lighting, context, etc., the scene does not match the shadow. It causes an image to look dull.

By producing a 3D influence, the competent uses of natural shadow will include the right look. The analysis shows that there are higher sales on demand for catchy items pic. When 3D appears more realistic, individuals love to see a picture instead of regular 2D ones.

Our professional artists can render shadows in Photoshop. We also use modern new tech. For your company growth stream, our top-class offerings are the best suit.

Adjusting the Shadow Original

We also found through our full work history that raw photos often have an initial shadow with multiple backdrops. But the showdown effect is distorted or destroyed by improper illumination, focus, and posing.

We will restore the constant shadow and render it real for the future. Sometimes just a little change might be enough. By correcting the lighting and perspective facts, our photo editing pros will maintain the illustration. They will also turn the product irresistible to the audience.

PEC experts may also implement the picture color editing strategy to preserve the initial shadow.

Keep Your Business Balanced

The hectic schedule leaves us no opportunity for daily purchases. Many people depend on digital shopping to get everyday things from e-commerce. The most beautiful pic, however, will tempt us more than a faded or bizarre photo.

Our picture processing services will provide the company with rare support.

  • Increasing the attractiveness of your image
  • Make a flawless image.
  • To link the object with a milieu, natural tuning.
  • Reflect the product’s true and standard viewpoint
  • Capable of displaying the product in 3D
  • The pic of appealing merchandise is helpful for e-commerce SEO

Building the brand

For certain a person, purchasing a product online is like getting a fantasy. Those potential prospects will not link to your site when you’re only adding any candid pics.

They will become suspicious about what you’d include in the after-sell facilities. If you do not have honesty in your offering’s pictures, the public would think you a false vendor or fraudster. Offended signals, correct? It’s a harsh fact, though. There’s no one going to bet on a vendor who just doesn’t worry about their fantasy.

Drop Shadow Service- Why Should You Choose Us?

We tackle everything from the clipping path solution for context elimination, color isolation, shadow formation to picture masking. Our service is to ensure the best output of those distorted and blurred edges. Let’s provide you with an in-depth overview of the picture processing services segment and what we can give you in our field of services.

We have developed a squad after years of grinding in the sector that can fulfill marketers’ objectives. The selection of eligible players understands how to create a gem out of an average picture.

We are lucky to have our professional editors willing to work with the volume or flavor you need.

To simply try our solution, you do not have to pay a cent. Initially, try us with a test and determine if you want to be part of the Photo Editing Care family.

Best of all, if you have a vast number of pictures to edit, you should use us. Our 365 days of batch discounts now deliver huge investment savings for most of our customers. With our customer support team, you are always invited to get a friendly chat.

We know each of our clients’ pain points. Whether the list is large or small, you may call for revision. We deliver this support until you get a satisfactory output. However, we have a shallow rate of revision request till now. It is nothing but the remarkable performance of our team.

If you ever decide that our job does not satisfy your need for whatever cause, you will get your money back. You can ask for that at any point from the contract. Well, that has to be a legit reason, though. We are offering this access because we know our strength very well.

What Makes Us Unique?

We utilize cutting-edge technical resources, systems, and equipment. Our goal is to deliver the service to the clients at reasonable rates.

Services Photo Editing Care Others
Talented and experienced team of editors Yes Yes/No
Average Client Satisfaction Rate 95% Average 70% – 80%
Budget-friendly Dealing Opportunity Yes No (harsh policy)o
Both Custom/Free Quote Yes No
Customer Care Service 24/7 Not on weekends
Full Photo Editing Solution Yes Not all of them
Money-back Guarantee Yes No
Limitless Revisions Yes 1 or 2 times
Discounts On Bulk Order Always Sometimes

Other Drop Shadow Related Services

You can also get other shadow editing solutions –

  • Natural Shadow Editing
  • Reflection Shadow Editing
  • Photo Shadow Remove or Adjustments
  • Original Shadow Retain
  • Mirror Reflection Shadow Editing

How to Edit Image Drop Shadow in Photoshop?

We do not provide any workshops for learning picture editing in Photoshop. However, this segment will reveal a lot about how a professional edits picture to add the shadow. You might try to cast the drop shadow inside an image by applying the formula, no matter what the situation is.

You should note the habit of a shadow placement before starting. Consider a product image in real life. When the shadow of the object is nearer, it appears clearer and strong. On the opposite, it eventually turns fuzzy if it gets a little away from the item. The method often renders the shadow’s outline smoother.

It is what we review before we begin editing. In order to make things simpler to implement and more believable, we intend to put the shadow just like real life.

In Photoshop, we open the picture first. Copying the object layer will be the first task that we need to do.

We will then hit the Filer tab while holding the copied layer chosen and then pick Extract. In the image, we will then outline the edges of the object. It does not have to be exact, so when outlining. But yes, we will try to outline the item as like as possible.

After this, we pick the Bucket tool and press into the outline to fill in with blue. If we click OK, then the selection field will be removed from the captured pic.

Afterward, between the isolated picture and the raw one, we will establish a layer. We will fill up the black in this layer. To do so, we press Alt + Backspace and deselect it. It will make the same black part of this layer as the copied layer.

And then we will render a shadow. So we will go to Edit > Transform > Distort. We need to use the queue that is shown on the pc screen. You will see a quite light shadow at this phase.

Shadow casting is a little difficult. If we shift the queues, it will render the backdrop shadow more noticeable and slowly more dominant. We can refine the selection usually to make the photo as realistic as possible.

We always retain the PNG layer of the item shadow stored separately. It helps us with future editing needs. We can adjust in a few moments with the stored PNG file if our client demands to render it denser.

We only have arranged the shadow. But to make it practical, it needs touch editing. So we will press the Filter button and switch to Blur > Gaussian Blur. We didn’t play with the blur pixels, and we’re going to shift the radius or pixel bar before we have the optimal mapping. We’ll click on OK when it is done.

Depending on the car image lights, we will adjust the opacity to 30 percent to 40 percent. We can introduce a layer mask to maximize the shadow step in the last part of the operation.


“I’ve Got Some Questions!”

It is not like considering it tacky. However, the process is complex for a newbie editor yet vital for business ads. The photo drop shadow impact is a bit out of date. Sometimes, it makes it nearly impossible to read the photo text. It happens when misused. More specifically, it happens when a novice editor touches the photo.

Yes, you can edit photos on your own. For pc users, Photoshop and Lightroom are very common software to play with shadow. Keep in mind that getting perfection requires chunk time and dedication.

On that note, a photo editing agency like PEC can solve your issue.

A dropped shadow is a visual cue in graphic design that consists of a shading variable. It looks like an object’s shadow, creating the appearance that the thing is placed over the items behind it. For ingredients of a GUI (graphical user interface), such as tabs or buttons, and for plain text, it is also used.

Rounding Up

We are not only backing your drop shadow editing. Instead, we are also experienced in digital marketing and branding. Working with us will surely add some serious value to your next add gigs. 

Photo Editing Care is a leading service provider of image processing and graphic design. We have more than a decade of experience and helping the world’s leading brands in pic editing.

Our services are diversified for photographers, e-commerce, ad firms, web development companies, magazine editors, publishing companies, etc.

We ensure quick yet streamline processes at a low cost. With utmost sincerity and determination, around 100+ professional editors are here to serve you.

For all sorts of the pic, we offer quality shadow services. Our complete commitment is to give you a friendly and quality service, whatever your order’s size is. Get to us for a custom quote and free sample.


Photo Editing Care is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

N.B: Next step would be your images upload option.

Image-editing company you can trust to save you time, money and stress on every project.



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