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Ghost mannequin service reduces a significant portion of your advertisement hassles and cost. It boosts up your sales count by making your products look more natural and smarter.

This editing hack helps customers getting a detailed outlook of your product, especially apparel or jewelry.

People recall 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they read. So, as a seller, you have to be more careful while visualizing your products.

If you have a lifestyle business, you are already familiar with mannequin or dummy. It is often used to display your apparel in a natural form. Mannequin is a required budget-friendly approach to display commercial dresses, ornaments, etc. For a complete clothing exhibition, using this method is a must.


Our service allows you to cut out the doll from your product images. The bottom joint, sleeve joint, and neck joint are vital parts of this editing process.

Photo Editing Care is a reputed editing agency. We have a big team of skilled editors. Hundreds of garment factories and e-commerce businesses are getting service from us. Get started with our Free Quote to learn how we give your product images the finest touch.



What is Invisible Mannequin Service?

The ghost editing helps you view the apparel in a human shape. It removes the dummy from the image. So, your clothing images get a hollow man effect. Besides garments, the ghost effect is also used for jewelry.

For a successful hollow mannequin effect, the photos should be taken with a specific mindset. A professional snapper captures product images with a doll. Capturing product images with and without a dummy is necessary. Then editor adjusts the blocked parts under the dummy.

Without neck joints, the same technique is used for sleeve and bottom joints.

Our editing service delivers great value to retailers and fashion brands. It saves you from investing in models.

This facility keeps the realistic three-dimensional outlook of a dress photo. The effect makes the apparel look like a person is wearing it. We do it by making the mannequin parts invisible.

Our editors use Photoshop to take away the dummy from a dress image. This editing method requires a big chunk of time and professional hands. You can seize the service at a competitive price from PEC. Buzz us to get a free quote.

How to Shoot a Perfect Mannequin Photo

You want to give your dress pic a realistic outlook. The process starts at the photography stage. Unlike other product photography, you have to decide whether you will remove the dummy. You need different parts to capture elegant apparel photos.

Ghost mannequin 2 rev Ghost Mannequin

Male or Female Mannequin

In professional product photography studios, you may not need to get a dummy by yourself. Generally, they have those backups. If you want to shoot by yourself, then you need to buy a mannequin. You can find both male and female forms online.

You have to consider the right size of the doll according to your dresses.

Nowadays, some dummies come in with options. You can separate each part.

The benefit is you do not need to buy a mannequin separately for every style of apparel. However, this is not inexpensive.


Many people think that they need a professional shutterbug or DSLR to capture dummy images. It is possible to tackle the shoot with a smartphone. Just make sure it has a camera with a reasonable specification.

Your primary camera setting for apparel photography should be ISO 200. You can aim for the lowest in DSLRs.

Check out F7.1. It will give the proper focus from every angle. You should use 160 seconds or the maximum sync speed. Check your camera features to select the max.

Depending on the light setup, you should go through some trial and error for your camera setting. So, what is mandatory here is how you set up the subject. Then where it is about the background, and where those lights are.

Ghost mannequin 3 Ghost Mannequin
Ghost mannequin 4 Ghost Mannequin


Tripod holds the camera or smartphone in the right position.

It’s necessary to have a tripod because your hands tend to shake often.

So, there is a chance of getting blur photo or wrong focus point. It may ruin your output image.

Tripods are low-priced in general. You can find these from both online and offline stores.


We always recommend professional lighting since it provides good details. You can also consider both flash and regular bulbs. These are enough to lighten up the object and background. Besides, you do not have to invest a chunk.

One hundred watts of bulbs are simple enough to tackle the situation. Try this if the shooting spot is tiny. You can watch some tutorials on YouTube about this. You will learn how to make a DIY lighting setup for photography.

If you are settled down with all the gears, now it is the time to start the action.

Ghost mannequin 5 Ghost Mannequin

Mannequin Photography Tips

When dressing up the mannequin, make sure there is no visible stretching on the apparel. Double-check the shoulder line up. If there is a need, use styling pins to set every part.

You should identify what part will be replaced and added before start shooting. Mannequin photography requires composite images. A garment photo with a dummy blocks the neck part. Thus, you have to take another snap of the neck without the doll.

We will replace the part in editing later. Neck joint editing is another core part of the service. It is actually not only about the neck.

You may be shooting photos of a jacket or blazer. In that case, there would be a need to remove the flat or upper body part of the doll. Let’s mark what portions should be added afterward.

The main factor is you have to understand the editing process before going forward with mannequin photography.

Benefits of Ghost Mannequin Editing Service

With the upgraded editing technology, you can get immense advantages. Not only for apparel businesses, but it also solves many issues for jewelry retailers as well. For those e-commerce businesses, this service is essential because –

Ghost mannequin 6 Ghost Mannequin

Perfect Product Fit

A mannequin fits flawlessly with garments.

It gives a livelier look to your dress, just like a real person is wearing it.

With the editing touch, you can keep a good product presentation while eliminating unnecessary parts of the doll.

Detailed Product Understanding

For commercial product-based businesses, a dummy is just like a blessing. Your customers find the product image realistic while a mannequin is wearing it.

It allows you to take product images from different positions. So, your customers can get sights of the product from different angles. Proper viewpoints terminate confusion about your apparel or jewels. It is a crucial factor behind the sales success.

Ghost mannequin 7 Ghost Mannequin
Ghost mannequin 8 Ghost Mannequin


People have the tendency to give priority to hollow mannequin product images.

It shows how much effort a seller has given in to display it.

Thus, they find reliability in you and your business.

And you get more chances to get a conversion.

Cost-efficient Solution

You need multiple models for displaying different types of apparel or products. Investing in them every time for every shoot is not budget-friendly. This service diminishes the need for live models.

You need to put a one-time investment here. The editing cost is much lesser than what you will pay to models.

Ghost mannequin 9 Ghost Mannequin

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Effect Service?

You will be amazed to know how this photo editing trick solves a lot of advertising issues. But what kind of businesses need this service the most? Let’s get straight to the answers.

As an e-commerce business, you have to share tons of product pic now and then. Even if it is a niche website, the number is vast. The average e-commerce websites require to process 60,000 images per year.

Hiring models for every photo-shoot session is not possible at all. It takes time and money.

Making every photo stunning is critical for boosting the sales margin. The whole platform is depending on online performance. So, you have to take this seriously. Our survey shows e-commerce businesses with professional photos tend to get better conversions.

The editing service can change the scene altogether. You just need to make a one-time photo shoot set up, and the rest will be taken care of by our editing team.

Unlike new-generation businesses, retailers need to display their offers on both online and offline platforms. They may want to make a product catalog or maybe a storefront banner.

The hollow mannequin photos make your customer realize how it will look like on them.

You have a small target market. Every operational and marketing cost matters to your business. So, eliminating the cost of hiring model is actually more crucial for your business.

On that note, we offer our retailer editing package that already delivered countless values to many online businesses. Buzz us now for more details.

Apparel is the only product type you are offering. If you look around your competitors, you will find one thing in the giant ones. They all display mannequin dress photos. It is because they understand the benefits of the ghost effect.

3D hollow dummy came up as an immediate solution for your type of business. You may have your own showroom or franchises. For both purposes, the mannequin product editing service is vital.

This service makes it easier to show your garments images online and in sample catalogs. As having a bigger team, we can deliver a bulk number of pictures within less time. If you want to discuss any custom quote, we are flexible for that too.

Creative photographers not only responsible for taking pictures. Nowadays, they have to offer editing support as well. As a vital part of the process, you often shoot mannequin photos. You know all the tricks behind a perfect product snap. And we know all to make it look professional.

There is no need to hire an editor or share your profit with someone. Our mannequin editing service is efficient and does not impact your revenue.

Why Ghost Mannequin Services is Important in the Apparel Industry

Currently, clothing is one of the booming industries. From garment factories to showrooms, everyone is in a race to display their designs in the best manner. Why won’t they actually?!

People are involved more in online purchases ever than before. In this year, the industry has been valued at 4.2 trillion dollars.

As a tenderfoot in the industry, it’s vital to engage more customers, read their psychology. Most importantly, you have to implement proper advertising.

You don’t want to spend a hefty sum of investment for only exhibiting. Right? That is where a ghost or photo mannequin walks in. It is the solution for thousands of e-commerce sites or businesses.

Moreover, this service is also involved with background replacement, color-alternation, and image merging. These are the core needs of a good product presentation. And you can get all these within your budget. Nothing can be better than this.

Critical Advantages of Ghost Photo Mannequin Service

  • It is easy to take care of the bulk amount of photo editing using this service.
  • Professionals do all the editing. So, there are no uncertainties about excellence.
  • It is a cost-efficient way to display your apparels, jewelry, and other dummy related products.
  • You will get all the related editing support under one umbrella — neck joint, sleeve joint, bottom joint, etc.
  • You can cut the need for live models.
  • According to marketing experts, the first impression is the key force behind any conversion. The editing effect ensures your customers get realistic detailing

Why Should You Choose Our Ghost Mannequin?

Not only the mannequin removing service, but you may also need to remove the background, or maybe some color correction. Photo Editing Care is the best solution you may hardly find elsewhere regarding commercial image editing. Because –

Stop floating over with mistakes. Get our ghost mannequin services, including the bottom, sleeve, and neck joint editing. Walking along with our experienced and skilled team will dig out the most value for your online branding.

We understand how much it is vital to minimize your cost-stream. If you have regular product photo editing on the line, try us. In that case, you will get an opportunity to grab a significant discount on your order.

We are one of a few image editing companies that offer you an effective money-return policy. Yes, we have that confidence. In those previous years, we have satisfied tons of e-commerce brands and businesses. Suppose you have a bulk number of photos or a handful of them. Our reasonable pricing will suit your need.

There is actually no overhead to start with us. We offer a free quote service so that you can try us first. After making the decision, you can move forward. Besides, we offer 24/7 customer feedback service to take care of all of your queries. Drop us a message!

Become the next e-commerce tycoon with our fastest delivery. We understand the need to be frequent, especially if it gives you an upper hand in your business. No matter what the workload is, we deliver on time to you.

Indeed, we have few clients that ask for revision. But still, we do care about your opinion always. If there is any editing that does not meet your expectations, we will provide flexible revision support. What more can you ask for?!

What Makes Us Unique

Services Photo Editing Care Others
Skilled and Big Editing Team Yes Yes / No
Satisfaction rate 95% Average 70% – 80%
Flexible Refund Policy Yes No
Is there a free Quote? Yes No
After-sale Consultancy 24/7 Only pre-production service
Other Editing Solutions All Not all of them
Revisions Yes (for both big and small quantity) Limits to 1 or 2 times
Discounts Yes (On Bulk Order) No

Other Product Photo Editing Service

  • Neck joint editing
  • Sleeves joint editing
  • Bottom joint editing
  • Complete e-commerce product photo editing (apparel, jewelry, etc.)

How Do You Make Ghost Mannequin Effects in Photoshop?

This service joins the back and front parts of apparel images by replacing the dummy. It does not only do that. It does the same trick in jewelry and other products that use a mannequin to display.

For editing purposes, you need to have both with and without mannequin photos. Let’s have a look at how you can replace and add the product parts in an image.

At first, we have to open the raw image of your apparel taken on a mannequin. We will make sure to create a copy layer of the image before moving forward. So, we will click on Layer and then Duplicate Layers. We will name it then by typing on the dialogue box.

Now, we will make one of the layers active to avoid mistakes while making corrections or edits. Then, we will use the Pen tool from the Quick Selection Toolbar.

Let’s make a selection of the apparel next, only excluding the mannequin or other parts of the image. While making the selection, we use Ctrl + or to zoom in and zoom out the image. We will try to use anchor points as minimum as possible to get a smooth result.

After completing the selection procedure, we have to press Ctrl + J to copy the image’s particular part.

We will see another layer has been created in the layer panel. If we inactive the first image and click on this Layer, we can see the picture’s selection part.

Well, we are done with the front side of the image. Now, it is time to play with the back part. So, we will open the image that is consisted of the back part of the apparel.

Here, again we need to do the same process. But only for the neckline part of the dress that we will connect to the last result.

When we have made the selection, we will move the part in the same Layer as the first image. Use the Ctrl + T to position it correctly.

Afterward, we will click on the Edit menu and click on Copy Marge. The action will copy all visible parts of the images. And then, we will press Ctrl + N to export it as a new file.

It is actually a brief about how we use Photoshop to implement the effect. We follow the same process in the case of jewelry as well.

5 Alternative Tools of Mannequin

Indeed, dummies are cheaper than live models yet costly. Don’t lose hope. Without a doll, you still can get the support it provides. Let’s take a look at the DIY mannequin setup.


Want to give your dresses a dimensional look?

Costumers are the best alternatives to commercial mannequins.

These usually have apparel-friendly shapes, unlike flat hangers.

Ghost mannequin 10 Ghost Mannequin
Ghost mannequin 11 Ghost Mannequin

Rod Forms

You can use flexible rods to make a shape that will hold the dress.

Adding pads on these could be an excellent way to make the frame gentle.

However, these will not give you proper arrangement as a dummy.

Fractional Mannequins

Some mannequin parts can be bought separately.

For shooting stockings, bracelets, or necklaces, you can get these at partial cost.

Ghost mannequin 12 Ghost Mannequin
Ghost mannequin 13 Ghost Mannequin


Any household racks can be used to support apparel during photography.

We can eliminate the parts that show up out of the dress, just like the mannequin.

Pad or Foam

In our thought, the best alternative and the budget-friendly way is using pad or poly inside the apparel.

It will give the outfit a natural look. Besides, the materials you are putting in will be hidden inside.

All you just need to do is hanging the dress with something and keep it on standby.

Ghost mannequin 14 Ghost Mannequin


“I’ve Got Some Questions!”

While taking apparel photos, a mannequin is a prime object you will need. The common concern is to buy one. Don’t worry. There are some ways that you can follow to avoid that investment.

But the rounding up is you will need highly professional editing support to make it look perfect.

You can try the flat lay or Tabletop photography technique if you do not have a dummy. In this method, you put the dress on a flat surface. It can be a table or floor. Then the set the light focus towards the attire.

For keeping the dress in shape, you can use a hanger or stick. As a low-cost photography setup, it already became popular with related businesses.

Also, there are some other tools you can use as mannequin alternatives.

It is a specialized photography technic for shooting apparel or jewelry. Photographers dress up a mannequin with the garment first. Then they keep every single part of the dress stretching-free.

Later we have to pick the snap from the front. Then we undress the doll. We have to hold the dress in a manner so that we can take a picture of the invisible part. It was under the mannequin previously.

The main goal of this photography is to eliminate the dummy by editing afterward. We also want to keep the apparel’s realistic. It looks like a real person wearing it.

A mannequin is a 3D form of the human body. It is used to display usually apparel like the blazer, stockings, sweater, t-shirt, etc. Dummies are also used to display jewelry. The advantage of using a mannequin is to make the product look realistic in the photo as an invisible person wearing it.

Rounding Up

The editing service will disrupt a large part of your promotional hassles. It provides your products with a natural and smart look. It also helps to enhance the apparel demonstration with more details and accuracy.

As mentioned above, a ghost mannequin or neck joint is a service that can save a big chunk of your money. But choosing the right editing service to settle down your primary marketing support is a vital decision. You should be selective and judgmental.

Our years of experience and remarkable expert team will not let your business down. We know how to hit your target customers’ hearts with mannequin-free images. Let us add a unique flavor to your every product image.

Get our free quote first. Then you will find how we add value to your marketing strategy.


Photo Editing Care is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

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