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The Photo Editing Care (PEC) website is subject to specified Terms and Conditions of Usage (the “Terms of Use”). Photo Editing Care (PEC) owns www.photoeditingcare.com and its licensed assets. By accessing the web, you commit to accepting those terms of usage. We do not recommend using the website and offered service if you are not agreed to those.

Photo Editing Care (PEC) retains the right to alter, adjust, incorporate, or delete parts of all Terms of Use at any time. You have to search to get knowledge about these Terms of Usage regularly.

After the updates are released, your continuing usage of the platform would mean that you agree to the modifications. Photo Editing Care (PEC) gives you an individual, non-exclusive, non-transferable, restricted privilege. These are to view and use the website. You can do so as long as you agree with all these Terms and conditions.

Terms to Use The Website

  • The terms of this page are for public knowledge about the user and are for usage only. Besides, “www.photoeditingcare.com” without any declaration may change part or all the terms.
  • Photo Editing Care shall not have any assurance or warranty. These are regarding the quality, deadline, efficiency, completeness. You accept that inaccuracies or errors might be found in certain details and materials. We disclaim blame for all such inaccuracies or errors to the most degree allowed by law.
  • Your usage of any knowledge or resources found in this platform is at your own risk. We are not responsible for it. It would be your own duty to guarantee that your unique specifications are fulfilled. It can be by all goods, facilities, or knowledge accessed via this website.
  • This page includes content that Photo Editing Care owns. The design, style, look, presentation, and graphics involve but are not limited to this content. Reproduction in compliance with the copyright notice is banned.
  • This website’s unlawful usage would give rise to a lawsuit for damages and/or a criminal offense.
  • Links to other websites can also be used on this page. Furthermore, to provide more details, these links are given for your convenience. They do not mean that we support the website (s). The actions of the related website are not our duty.
  • Suppose you are seeking a project on behalf of any company, organization, or other agency of any sort. In that case, you serve and permitted that you adopt these conditions on its behalf. Also, to connect such companies, organizations, or institutions to these Terms of Usage.
  • In conjunction with pictures, illustrations, text, or some other graphics, you are liable for the information you give us. You accept that you would not use any third-party document until you have received proper permission from the owners. These can be photographs, design, trademark, service mark, or proprietary work s. If you do, it is not our liability here.


Note On Copyright

The photoeditingcare.com copyright extended to this domain. The right is also applicable for its material and reserved all privileges.

Copying or theft of any portion of our property in any manner except the below is not permitted:

For their personal and non-commercial purpose, use, need only, any individual may print or save to his storage.

Suppose you recognize photoeditingcare.com as the documents’ provider. In that case, you will share the contents or sections thereof with a 3rd party for any personal or non-commercial usage.

Until our explicit authorization, you cannot store data on any other domain or in any type. The violation of such conditions would be treated as a subject of conflict that can damage us and our resources to pursue measures against it.

Privacy Measures

The privacy policy of photo editing care refers to the usage of the www.photoeditingcare.com domain. This reference includes its terminology portion of such Terms of Use. You appreciate and follow our policy. Check the Privacy Policy after reading this. Every detail you give can be accessed or reviewed by us, even though any unique data exists.

Accounts, Passwords, Security

You must mention your username, email, web address, country, and service name to get our service. If you have some guidelines, you may also enter your notes.

After which, type and apply it in the documentation window. This approach establishes a profile for you and includes a password. It guarantees your role’s protection. Only you can be managed by someone who will not impede the operating procedure and the necessary operation. It is not required to encrypt the data and order folders. You have the account and password protection for that.

Methods of Payment

Even before operation starts, we will collect any (not full) upfront fee via credit card to confirm any order. PayPal, Western Union, Direct Debit, Skrill, and Payoneer are also accepted as payment gateways to make the transaction.

Quality Assurance

“Photo Editing Care” strives to maintain the commitment of service efficiency. If the customer is not pleased, we are liable for the output and review the whole procedure, but this procedure will be our obligation. There should be any 3rd party interference neither you can encourage anyone who was not part of the deal.

Rules on File Management

We can keep the order file of a client for 60 days after delivering a task. Within the period, one can ask to get the file back. Afterward, the user account will be removed from www.photoeditingcare.com. We might save data for a longer period if a client has a frequent commercial deal with us.

Website Disclaimer

Here all terms of the contract and use are only for basic understanding. The documentation is for the improvement of consumers. We accept liability only where there is an abuse of certain contractual terms. Unless there is some breach of laws and rules, we are not responsible to anybody. It is about service programs, product promises, etc. Besides, whenever we wish, we have the freedom to adjust some or any changes in those.

We might link our domain with 3rd party domain as per our business need. , but we have zero power over such websites. So if any incident exists with such pages, photoeditingcare.com would not be liable

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