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Shoe editing is a certain and widely used photo editing service.

Footwear is one of the trending online businesses. There has been a 28% price growth in 2019.

The Business Conditions of World Footwear industry survey said so.

The same year this industry hit a value of 91.2 billion in the United States. Amazing, huh?!

We appreciate your interest in that sort of booming niche. But we get upset seeing businesses using random footwear images.

It is a very competitive field. If you can’t hook your target market with proper branding, you will lose this game soon.


Thanks for showing your interest in our editing solution. Before asking for a free quote, we recommend you to read this article. We expect you should get a full insight into our service.



What is Shoe Editing Service?

The footwear editing service includes different aspects. These are background removal, color correction, photo enhancing, and clipping path. Besides, there is room for a logo creation for the brand as well.

This service takes care of brightness, contrast, reflection, and shadow enhancement.

Subject alignment and resizing are also part of the footwear editing package. Depending on the solution type, you can get a specific solution or a complete package.

Footwear is one of the most compelling products online. Thus, highlighting footwear pics in the right way is vital. Our service ensures getting wrinkle-free high-quality shoe images

Shoe Photo Editing 2 Rev shoe photo editing

Who Needs Shoe Customizer Service

You might be a direct or indirect part of a footwear business. In any way, a shoe image customizer service is inevitable. Let’s find out how –

Shoe Photo Editing 3 shoe photo editing

Shoe or Footwear Producers

As a producer, you get a low-profit cut always. You can survive yet if you can increase the distribution margin. But how can you?

The broader your supply is, the more sales you will count. So, you have to get the attention of shoe dealers and retailers. Catching their attention is more challenging than customers’.

Believing your product is essential for persuasion. Want success in your business? If you can trigger emotions, your leads will turn into prospects for sure. It will boost your sales.

Top-notch footwear editing service has helped thousands of businesses to thrive. Making the footwear realistic, branded, and elegant is always the key. We exactly do that!

Catalogs and Magazine Publishers

Quality product photo is also essential for publishers. The readers pay you for suitable and attractive content. It is your concern to offer them a better experience.

Sometimes the footwear producers might not give proper image style. Yet you have to maintain your magazine standard.

Since they are paying for the ad, asking them to edit the pic may break the deal.

Photo Editing Care is an inclusive solution for your magazine images. We help to meet your readers’ limits and keep your advertisers impressed. Call us for Free Quote now.

Shoe Photo Editing 4 shoe photo editing
Shoe Photo Editing 5 shoe photo editing

Retail Online Stores

The service can create max value for shoe retailers. Retailers play a prime role in the supply chain.

You guys have to convince customers both online and offline. The product displaying on Facebook or Amazon requires supreme quality.

For decorating your footwear shop with banners or flex, you need high-quality photos. Our image editing package is designed to meet your budget goal. Spend less, and add more value to your business.

Footwear Product Photographers

If you are a creative photographer, maybe you are dealing with tons of photos every month.

Should you bear the editing duty too? This tedious task consumes your time. Won’t it be better to partner up with an editing firm instead?!

Hiring or sharing a significant part of your revenue will harm your scalability. Editing service comes as a better solution here. Make your clients happy with global standard retouching at a fair price.

Shoe Photo Editing 6 shoe photo editing

Shoe Photo Editing Service – Our Forensic Lab for Your Business Success!

Before choosing our editing solution, you should know how we deliver. Let’s take a glance at how the pipeline works.

Shoe Photo Editing 7 diff size 2 shoe photo editing

Removing or Adding New Backgrounds

Removing background from footwear is important. You may want your product photo without a background or with a new one.

Whatever it is, we get you both. You can choose both custom backgrounds or offer your own choices.

After getting an idea of what you want, our editing team will remove the image background. The process requires a clipping path as well. It helps us to mark the subject for further uses too.

It is the most sensitive task of the process. Missing a single slice of a pixel can destroy the outlook. We take most of the time in this process so that we can avoid any glitches.

Removing Object or Spot

Sometimes your shoe picture may have distracting objects. It happens when you capture the photo yourself or without any pro help. Whatever the reason is, we are here to make it right.

Our dedicated editing team takes care of object removal. We distribute each of the processes to a different team. It helps to deliver the service with extra care.

Now our editors will double-check if there is any irrelevant spot left on the subject. We audit the image carefully. Then we use blemish or blur to fix all wrinkles and stretches. Check our pictures to get the idea.

Shoe Photo Editing 8 diff size shoe photo editing
Shoe Photo Editing 9 diff size 2 shoe photo editing

Color Correction

Well, grinding with the background and spots is done. It is time for color retouching. Photo color grade matters a lot, especially in footwear pics.

Shoes are a vibrant part of one’s fashion taste. People consider this aspect very seriously while purchasing online.

It is vital to match customer expectations. Otherwise, people might throw you a scammer tag with a bunch of negative reviews. Those ratings are enough to ruin your goodwill.

Our color correction team (experienced in working for top brands) has your back. Their target is to recover the actual color. It will help to flourish your image.


The improper contrast and saturation level create a mass impact on a photo. It is crucial to maintain the density in the shoe pictures.

The amount of exposure and brightness decides how calm it will look. Too bright images create irritation in the eyes. And less brightness might create conflict to witness the basic design.

Since you have an online-based business, ensuring the traits are essential. We do not compromise the quality in a hurry. Let our clients win; we will win. That is what we believe.

Shoe Photo Editing 10 diff size rev shoe photo editing
Shoe Photo Editing 11 diff size shoe photo editing

Shadow Optimization

Shadowing is necessary for images with or without backgrounds. Appropriately applying the shadow can enhance product image realism. It is not only about the shoes. If the image contains legs, it should synchronize well with the boots too.You can’t always afford those premium studio setups to take a snap, right? Neither are we asking you to do so. Our photo editing service would kill those hassles.

As we have already done with the clipping path, it would be easier to bring on some natural shade.

Shadow optimization has different sorts. Depending on the subject position, we follow natural flows. For example, it may need to drop shadow, backward or forward shadow.

You can ask for enhancing the original shadow or creating an artificial one. Get our free quote now to check our professional shadow creation solution.


At last, we do another check of every step. If things are great, we resize the image resolution so that it looks stunning. Sometimes we do the cropping and another formation stuff before spot removing. It is a better practice if we identify too many objects in shoe pics.

We will ensure high-quality rendering at this step. You may want to upload it on different platforms. Besides, not all of your audience will consume the content from a smartphone. It is vital to maintain an optimized resolution. You can also ask for a custom file format. Just make sure to buzz with your requirements before.

Photo Editing Care is always there to deliver you the optimum quality. That is how we ensure getting your footwear pictures with attractive output. It does not matter how pricey your product is. Your audience should get more in return than what they are paying for. It’s a win-win! We can help you to get there.

Shoe Photo Editing 12 diff size shoe photo editing

How Shoe Editing Service Escalates Image Branding

It is disappointing to see people are stealing shoe design templates free online. 

In this digital marketing era, your success depends on your presence on the internet. The more successful you are there, the more business you can expect.

Either you follow the trend for the win or fall in line to lose. That is how things work. You may be wondering how a simple photo editing service can support you in reaching your dreams. Let’s dig into it!

Would you buy from a seller displaying some armature product images online? At least, a wise buyer will not.

Online business has just started to evolve in many countries. No one ever imagined that people would begin purchasing without testifying a product.

In the case of footwear, it matters the most as customers need to check the size. If buying online, they need to trust your presentation about the shoes. It is a trust game. If you can achieve your customer’s trust, you can expect your products to be added to the cart.

That is where brand value comes into play. Displaying product listing with pro-looking photos works like a charm.

The top digital marketers recommend holding customers’ focus. Viewing your product images for more than 3 seconds will do. It amplifies the chances of conversion.

High graphical elements capture attention. It gives the viewers an exact idea about the product quality.

If they find the bat hits the ball, they order. A shoe image editing service digs out the potentials of your product.

If you try tackling everything, you will get frustrated. It is because no one can take care of everything. Instead, you should focus on the team game to achieve more significant objectives. A picture editing service can deduct your stress of maintaining digital branding.

Either you have to take care of your product photos or hire an expert for editing. In the current market, hiring a pro picture editor will cost you more than your marketing budget.

Or, you can deal with Photo Editing Care. The price tag we offer is budget-friendly.

Whatever the task quantity is, we treat all clients equally. You can test our service standard with a Free Quote Now.

Shoe Editing Service – A Chief Pillar for E-commerce Businesses

E-commerce businesses mainly survive on online marketing. Outstanding product presentation can boost up the sales. Similarly, any quality-compromise wipes out customer reliability.

70% of online buyers decide based on authenticity. And some key factors relate to authenticity. They are logo and branded product contents.

89% of e-commerce businesses fail within the first two years. It is because these were unable to grab credibility.

Do you want to stay there for the rest of your life or reach the next level?! Take a glance at the critical factors of shoe image editing service for e-commerce –

  • Quality editing can lure your web visitors instantly.
  • You can reedit your logo or create a new one.
  • Minimizes the working cost by removing editing team hiring
  • Delivers a bulk amount of image editing solutions, which is your prime demand
  • Ultra-high image quality solves physical branding problems as well.

Why Should You Choose Our Service – Shameless Plug!

For succeeding in the industry, you should on a team that understands your visions. Still, it is also vital to get your projects done within the deadline. There are some more standards you deserve, and we deliver all.

Team of Experienced Editors

PEC (Photo Editing Care) conquering the online marketplace for years. Each of the players in our team is skilled in both editing and branding. So, they know how to hit the bull’s eye for you.

Open for Free Quote

You do not have to pay first. Try us, and then decide. Get an editing image sample now.

Get Bulk Discounts

We do offer a custom quote for footwear brands that have a large stock of photos for editing. It can save you a bag of money!

Frequent Revisions

We are available for 24 hours throughout the week. Buzz us anytime. It doesn’t matter you are a person, startup, or huge corporation. We will apply no further charge.

Flexible Refund Policy

All these years of our journey, we have achieved a 95% success ratio. If it does not satisfy you, just ask for a refund. It is the relationship we want to build, not only the business.

Shoe Photo Editing 13 shoe photo editing

PEC Shoe Editor vs. Other Shoes Photo Editing Service Providers

You may think of using those photo editing apps to harness your branding. We don’t want to discourage you, but let’s be real. There are going to face some limitations. Let’s have a comparison battle between apps and us.

Services Photo Editing Care Others
Experience and Big Team Support Yes Not all of them
Client Satisfaction Rate 95% Average 70% – 80%
Refund Guarantee on Dissatisfaction Yes No
Custom Quote Yes No
Post-production Service 24/7 No
Complete Editing Solutions Available Not all of them
Revisions Unlimitled Limits to 1 or 2 times
Discounts Yes (On Bulk Order) No

We Provide Other Related Services:

  • All sorts of Clipping Path
  • Background removal
  • Specific object color retouching
  • Shadowing etc.

Tips for Professional Shoe Photography

You should be more cautious while capturing shoe photos. It will make incredible differences. So, take these below tips seriously –

Capture a Proper Frame

If you are an expert, please skip this. But if you are not a seasoned photographer, try not to jumble with random objects.

Redundant objects divert the viewers’ attention. It can make a product photo noisy. Make sure not to cut any slice of the subject.

We also recommend capturing a photo with the highest resolution. It will keep decent photo quality even after compression.

Highlight the Best

While taking photos, make sure to show off the best designs front.

Even with single shoe photography, consider the most appealing colors.

It will help to attract customers online.

Lighting is All

For making your shoe images glamorous, add enough light. Remember, good light setup results in an appropriate color tone.

If you do not shoot at the studio, use the daylight of your room. Open the window to let the light come inside. Make sure to use room lights if possible.

You can try DIY photo isolation booths. These are cheap and delivers adequate lighting.

Background really Matters

We always recommend using a green screen while capturing footwear images. You can also use any solid-color background. It helps to remove the background of the shoe image easily.

You might want to keep the background. In that case, choose a backdrop that doesn’t contain any distraction or has fewer objects. Sometimes blurring colorful background can enhance the outlook of the footwear. You should plan before execution.

Snap Every Angle

Do not settle with a single image. Try to capture images from different angles.

Customer psychology always drives them to hunt in more details. You should upload more images for that reason. The frame can be left, right, up, front, or back of the subject.

Influence with Model Photography

Footwear images with models tend to get more attention. Customers can relate to themselves easily.

Both full-body photography or including legs only are fascinating.

How to Edit Shoe Photos Using Photoshop CC

You should get a short glimpse of how we edit footwear photos. Let’s take a look then –

After opening the shoe photo, we start to heal the spots and scratches on the subject. We use Spot Healing Brush for the purpose. If we want the background, we will use the tool on that as well.

First, we select the Rectangular Marque Tool to cut the subject and the surroundings. It makes it easier to remove the background further.

After making the selection, we will use Ctrl + Shift + I for external selection. On the popup window, we will pick Fill White. It will make the background part of the cut image white.

Then, we will select the Magic Wand to set the background. By using the Lasso Tool, we will choose the initial surrounding of the shoe. We will then press Shift + F5 to fill that white too.

We will open the Level window for some necessary adjustments. It allows us to play with brightness and contrast.

Another task we have to do is the changes in Hue and Saturation. At this step, we sharpen or soften the photo depending on the quality.

With the Pen tool, we will make a clipping path below the shoe. It is necessary to remove the original shadow. For creating a new shadow, we generally use the Brush tool.

The furnishing process of the shadow is manual. We optimize it by changing Hardness, Opacity, and Eraser.

Finally, we crop the required part of the image. Then we save it in your asked format. The process also includes cinematic retouching, adding a logo, and color alternation sometimes.

Depending on the project requirements, the editing pipeline might be more detailed.


“I’ve Got Some Questions!”

In the case of product photography, extra attention is always required. Shoes are the most selling product online. So, the shooting should be more professional. You can follow the tips below –

  • Use a white background so that you can differentiate the background from the footwear
  • Shoe photos with slender legs tend to attract more
  • Capture detailed shots from every angle
  • Try overhead shots if the shoes are laid down
  • Don’t use an overpowered lamp for lighting. It will ruin the color with extreme exposure
  • Capture some photos in lifestyle theme with colorful props
  • Use f/11 aperture

There are many photo editing software that photographers use. None of them have a significant limitation.

People choose them according to their habits and flexibility. These are –

  1. Adobe Lightroom
  2. Skylum Luminar
  3. Adobe Photoshop
  4. DxO PhotoLab 4
  5. ON1 Photo RAW

Each one of these has heavy features and costly. Only the professional editor can utilize these correctly.

For changing the shoe color in your photo, open it in Photoshop. Then open a new layer. Go to the Select tab and hit the Color Range. Now change the fuzziness to full. Click OK.

Then go to Layer and select New Adjustment Layer > Hue/Saturation. Select OK afterward.

On the properties box, you need to change the hue amount. It will gradually change the color of your shoe. For further adjustments, we might use saturation and lightness.

Indeed, there are tons of facilities you will get with photo editing. These are –

  • Editing makes your photos look livelier
  • It will build a brand appeal in your target market
  • Edited photos tend to retain viewers for more period
  • It boosts up your sales margin
  • Edited photos are an effective tool for social media marketing

Rounding Up

Shoe editing service can create a significant difference in your online branding. Whether you are an eCommerce startup, footwear manufacturer, or retailer, it is necessary. You will find many agencies that have a larger team. Most of them consider your dream as just another project.

That is where Photo Editing Care is different. We respect our clients’ demand and enthusiasm. Dealing with is very simple and easy.


Photo Editing Care is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

N.B: Next step would be your images upload option.

Image-editing company you can trust to save you time, money and stress on every project.



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