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One of the most common and utilized photo editing services is vector logo conversion.

It includes converting the raster logo to the style of a vector.

In general, the raster logo does not serve all business objectives. Such logos cannot be used anywhere because of their low quality.

You want to use the primary logo as the corporate name in multiple media.

And if it is a raster, it will be blurred while scaling enhancement.

So it would be best if you chose a different type, which is a vector picture. It will give you the full benefit of scalability.


Our team will be supporting you with the most competent and low-cost service to convert the logo to a vector file. PEC team works using the newest techniques of graphic design. You would get the most satisfactory vector logo design aid from us for sure. Just get to us with the task to get a free quote now.



What is Raster to Vector Alteration?

Raster to vector transform is a vital feature of photo processing. It basically involves upgrading old fuzzy, pixilated pic into splendid vector graphics. The converted results are entirely scalable. It is defined as R2V conversion as well.

Similarly, for poor-quality logos, this editing touch is used to transform them into customizable logos.

R2V convert facilities are often used for business and technical uses. It allows transforming scanned images to graphical structures, maps, and other visuals. In short, we use this concept to turn these into a vector format.

It is mostly used for digital printing, t-shirts, car covers, posters. Also, we use it for billboards, wide banners, artistic typeface, brochures, CAD/routers, web applications, etc.

R2V convert is when raster images are reproduced manually in vector graphics. It is possible to automate this method, but the outcomes are usually not optimal. Expertly recreating the initial pic by hand is the easiest way to genuinely transform a raster into a vector file.

Since vector graphics provide more scope, exporting these to the raster file is much simpler. What you have to do is use the Save As feature to modify the picture format.

Raster Graphics

A pixel sequence represents raster files. Such pixels force the picture to lose many details. However, it depends on the nature of the photo. Generally, though, it is only visible if the pic is expanded, rendering it appear pixelated (kind of the 8-bit game)

They usually are considerably smaller since raster files do not have any all details. It makes them excellent for the portal or e-commerce site to use. Raster data types are popular: GIF, JPEG, and PNG.

Vector Logo Conversion 2 1 vector logo conversion

Vector Graphics

On the other hand, a set of points that establish flat and angled paths determine as vector files. The data set is far more mathematical. It is defined as a sequence of nodes with an X and a Y-axis on a line.Because they are not made of pixels, we can resize the vector’s width and length without losing consistency. In brief, vectors are scalable.Popular forms of vector graphics include SVG, AI PDF, and EPS formats. For specific digital files, like business cards, apparel, and mugs, the conversion is superb.

The conversion is a friendly means of sharpening older, blurry graphics, too. And whether you are making a new graphics or icon, when expanded or printed, it can prevent any damage or lack of quality.

What Are The Uses Of This Service?

You can settle down some major issues and duties with this service. Most are about your branding and marketing. Get a thorough idea before placing your order.

Vector Logo Conversion 4 1 vector logo conversion

Drawn Logo to Vector

An artist or maybe you create hand-drawn drawings with simple visual orders before making any logo.

And through the scanning, the editor turns this into a virtual logo.

A hand-drawn raster logo for vector migration is necessary.

Unlike the vector concept, it becomes blurred when zooming.

These formats are also unfriendly to diverse online media platforms.

So to achieve the perfect logo, consider vectorizing a hand-drawn logo.

R2V Logo Conversion

As we mentioned earlier, Raster picture formats are not appropriate for use everywhere.

At larger scales, it gets blurred when zooming.

It would help if you carried the raster picture to the vectors logo editors to make the logo multi-platform friendly.

At a reasonable cost, you can get this facility with outstanding professionalism.

PEC in-house vector editors deliver the low-price R2V logo conversion support. Check out our portfolio list and give us your documentation to get a custom estimate in moments.

Vector Logo Conversion 5 1 vector logo conversion
Vector Logo Conversion 6 1 vector logo conversion

Digital Embroidery Logo Transformation

The most refined fabric is embroidered. The logo, which you notice on different pieces of apparel, is crafted with embroidery. If you do not have that sort of logo, then this service would be helpful. The logo conversion is also used if you have one.

It is likewise that the embroidered logo is not looking well in photos. The conversion makes the duplication of the logo in the pic. The strength is it will look utterly realistic as it is not artificial.

We have a digital logo conversion facility for embroidery. It is indeed an intricate work that our professional artists do well.

At our company, this service is relatively cost-effective. You can also get a bulk order discount that also decreases the total logo conversion rate. So, please give us your files, and in a limited time, take a free quote.

Conversion of Imperfect Logo

If your current logo appears fuzzy, your brand can be hampered by it. Also, it seems non-professional. It destroys your business website or social media charm.

Your logo can be affected by different causes. Other than the old photo of the logo may be rusty and look damaged. That is where logo conversion service becomes vital.

Our agency is aiming to include a service for distorted logo conversion. By utilizing the latest advanced picture editing techniques, experienced editors can quickly transform the fuzzy picture into a vector logo. It is a commonly available service, but not a low-priced service. But, you can get the facility here at a fair price.

Vector Logo Conversion 3 2 vector logo conversion

How Do We Convert Image to Vector Illustrator?

Because of the complexities, we kept the proposal and delivery process simpler. Within these few steps, you can take your vector logo from Photo Editing Care.

Vector Logo Conversion 7 1 vector logo conversion

1.  Share your logo

At first, you can submit your sample logo that needs to be converted to vector. 

You can either upload the image file or mail us at your convenience.

2.  Chat with our executive regarding your need

One of our graphic artists would instantly accept your request to convert the logo into a vector file. 

Later we will start working on the submission.

You can speak directly in English with him or her.

Vector Logo Conversion 8 1 vector logo conversion
Vector Logo Conversion 9 1 vector logo conversion

3.  Let’s transform your logo like a magic

Just after getting the requirements, we will jump into the task.

You can get the vectorized logo in eps, pdf, and SVG form after five hours of sending us a submission.

Afterward, you can ask for a revision if there is any need occurs.

We upgrade your logo to an interactive vector logo –

Contextual vectorization of the logo illustrations: all the symbol aspects are repeated as we transform a logo into a vector.

Color protection: We chose a color theme based on the initial shades for logos.

The complete vectorization: of logos’ effects-shadows, lights up, and distortions are precisely replicated.

Adjust logo dimensions: low res logos to elevated vector graphics

Font vectorization: without changing the primary texts

Update logo formats: export the logo to web SVG, PDF, EPS, AI file types

Vector Logo Conversion Service - Reach the Utmost Quality

Do you want illustrations ready for publishing, cutting, or embroidery? Photo Editing Care will help you control the movement of your image. We accelerate processing times, eliminate pre-print problems, and reduce the budgets!

The service is essential to figure out the horizontal line or rounded corners. Vector line modeling is needed for hand-made art conversion as well. Intense pigments or dots are often used for outline marking and artistic designing to fine-tune the procedure.

Your logo could be tiny or wide, often also extra-large. Thus the logo should be in a vector file since the vector graphics offer versatility and total scalability.

Due to its application, the vector logos are adjustable, just like the raster image. As a result, you can expand or reduce the ratio depending on the output format you will need.

Besides adjusting shape or color, proportion or scale, a vector logo style is simple to modify at any moment. Without a content compromise, a vector shape can be modified into all other raster types.

The logo can be used in small biz cards. Its versatility and reliability render it too small in scale. You can use it in larger-sized posters or displays with the same consistency.

Vector logo creation is a difficult job. Designers should have unique expertise in vector logo design. With the service, you can get competent, memorable business-focus logos. Our team stays true to the request of the customer to create the vector logo for them.

For animation services, we also provide a vector model design essential for technical and business uses. For All sorts of vector character illustrations for animation, PEC has an excellent team.

If you choose to turn your product picture into a vector format, the pro league of PEC will assist you with concept vector design. We are happy to supply your item with the latest vector illustration style.

The 2D CAD drawings are conventional today. For diverse businesses in the construction or architecture industry, it is just a robust solution. However, the service will cost you a lot if hiring a pro. We always give our customers 2D CAD design at a low price.

Our team of talented graphic illustrators turns the items or photographs into 3D vector shapes. In-game development, character development, this is evident. We are dedicated to giving you a professional 3D vector illustration service.

For ads, promoting, or portrayal, we often provide accurate 3D product graphics. Our artists would render it in amazing detailed 3d artwork. If you have company items, just give us the product images.

Importance of Vector Logo Conversion Service

Why should you use a vector file format rather than others? Maybe this is the question that’s bothering your now. Let us explain to you why.

Incredibly Scalable

Its limitless flexibility is the key benefit of a vector over the raster counterparts.

Vector logos may be scaled forever to match wide print layouts or scaled down to fit narrower sizes.

You can also use vectors as both a business card and a wide show poster or billboard.

Vector Logo Conversion 10 1 vector logo conversion
Vector Logo Conversion 11 1 vector logo conversion

Easily Editable

Vector logos are conveniently modifiable since the format is scalable. Maybe you would like to adjust the color of the logo.

Or you might want to reorder the elements of the logo.

You can easily adjust the tone of the color menu’s logo in a vector-based software like illustrator.

Also, you can transfer certain pieces around using the Selection Function.

This capacity to make changes or adjust the logo efficiently is precious. It is only available in this file type.

Multi-format Export Support

You can export a vector logo to almost all file forms while operating with editing software like illustrator.

To enable it, go to the Save As menu.

Then press Shift + Command + S. There, you can save the file to different vector file types (AI, EPS, PDF, and SVG).

Vector Logo Conversion 12 1 vector logo conversion

Why Should You Choose Our Vector Conversion Service?

“Well, I got all of these, but why should I choose Photo Editing Care?” Is that what you are thinking? Let us share some lights on them then.

We support our consumers until the output meets their expectations. We are remarkable for the specified purposes, as per our past customers –

It will cost a fair bit of cash if you hire a personal editor for the vector conversion. It is not essential to note that you have to give them a complete overview of each task. The service here acts as a gift.

In the task, we are qualified and professional. So, we understand what you need currently and in the near more. Make us only one request. Our staff would undertake everything. As we bill as per your plan, you could be worry-free.

It is not random editing.  Adding life to a logo out of the raw look is really a hard job. Doing it wrong will let them lose the attraction of your brand. You will only be confident about that if someone is professional and committed.

We’ve got a good squad of editors. They have been successful in the role for years. We bet on the abilities. In our past tons of agreements, they proved their efficiency.

We do have plenty of editors here in PEC. All of them have different roles to play. Maybe you will not some more support without vector conversion. So for the future, we will get your back as well. There are also some relevant facilities –

  • Backdrop Elimination
  • Product Retouch Photo Service
  • Ghost Mannequin Editing
  • Color Correction Support
  • Shadow Enhancement/Adding Solution

We know your pain points in business and marketing. Remember, your success is entirely dependent on your online marketing. Our solution will take care of the prime task of that, image content.

A picture editing service includes a description in both pre and post-production. Our team of 24/7 customer support is fully committed.

First, we recognize your submission. Then provide you with the necessary editing examples. We treat the revisions seriously as well. Our customer support program is complimentary. So, there is not going to be a knowledge void.

For any business, our service is friendly. In case you have a large stock of images to edit, we give you extra benefits on your order.  You can get or a custom quote then. The promise is to add discounts on this offer. It will allow you to save a stack of cash!

Vector Logo Conversion - What Makes Us Unique?

Services Photo Editing Care Others
Talented and experienced team of editors Yes Yes/No
Average Client Satisfaction Rate 95% Average 70% – 80%
Budget-friendly Dealing Opportunity Yes No (harsh policy)o
Both Custom/Free Quote Yes No
Customer Care Service 24/7 Not on weekends
Full Photo Editing Solution Yes Not all of them
Money-back Guarantee Yes No
limitless Revisions Yes (No matter what the quantity is) 1 or 2 times
Discounts On Bulk Order 365 Days Sometimes

Other Related Services to Raster to Vector:

Contact PEC if you need a customized raster for the vectorization solution. The below professional vectorization facilities are provided through Photo Editing Care:

  • Raster to Conversion from Vector graphics
  • Design of Vector Line Illustration and Graphics
  • The layout of the Vector Logo
  • For Animation, Vector Model Illustration
  • Product photo to Vector conversion
  • Designing 2D CAD
  • Converts of 3D Vectors
  • Designing for 3D Goods

How To Do Vector Logo Conversion In Photoshop?

To give you an idea, we will share how to convert raster graphics to vector in this section. Unlike the typical illustrator style, this guide will provide you the idea to do the trick in Photoshop.

Keep in mind, for this to work; you need to be a Creative Cloud member. The process will only work for one color graphics.

First, we will open the fantastic world of Photoshop and open the raster image of anything. As mentioned above, the opened pic is supposed to be distorted if zooming. To convert it to a vector, all we need to do is use Libraries.

So, lets’ jump on the Window tab and make sure the Libraries are checked. We will also ensure that the layer is selected at this time.

We will then click on the + icon from the Libraries window. Now we will select the Create from image option. In the next window, we will be able to make many adjustments. We can play with the patterns, color themes, gradients.

However, what we are looking for is Shapes. After clicking on the tab, we will see the Detail option. With this, we can change the detail texture adjustments. We will then click on Save to CC Libraries.

There is also Smooth on Save option. It lets us add extra smoothness in a raster graphic.

After saving the result, it will be a vector graphic. The changes give us access to import it in other Adobe software.

We will now drag and drop the graphic into Photoshop. No matter how big we make it, it will never pixelate. That is what a payback of vector graphics.

Now to change the color, first of all, let’s create a background again. We might make a clipping mask for certain access.

Let’s click on the Adjustment icon and then choose Solid Color. Afterward, we will choose whatever color we want from the color pick window. Then we will hit OK.

We will hold the Alt or Option key and click on the line between these two layers. Just after that, the color will be changed to whatever we have chosen. Even we can change it to other colors if need following the same flow.

That is how we do the conversion in Photoshop. If you are using this image, you can freely adjust to it without any loss in quality. Maybe, you want to tweak the design a little. Or you might want to stroke or bend it.

Keep in mind. If you have a complicated graphic with more than one color, you can also use illustrator. For getting more control over paths/corners, the illustrator might support better.

It is needless to say that it will then become complex. Thus, you will need a professional hand to take care of the task.


“I’ve Got Some Questions!”

If you have multiple file-formats types of the one photo- for example, a jpg and a BMP – please submit the better quality version for vectorization. Our specialization is to create a pleasant and smooth vector file from almost any picture you might have.

But greater information is typical can be shown with a higher resolution or larger version. The more context we will have in the file, the more data your vector file can have.

Usually, a vector file can be represented as a tiny, scalable, and accessible picture. These offer users unlimited freedom in art and design, and illustration. However, vector pictures are suitable for different graphics. For instance, these are used for business logos, banner advertising, and other concept images.

We are not providing rush operation, although we will consider it. There are factors, which we cannot control but may impact the processing period. For example, when we obtain a task, a client will check a sample or address a query. Even if we are working with a low-resolution picture, it might take a bit of time.

Vector images are graphical statistical descriptions. Thus, these can be adjusted or expanded to almost any degree. At the same time, you can assure there is no loss of quality, no distortion or blurring.

The only type of picture that can retain its quality when increasing the size is Vector Art.

A bitmap (or ‘raster’) image is generated from lines of multicolored pixels, which shape a picture together. Bitmap graphics only have two shades in their simplified type. Here all pixels are either black or white.

A picture may have many colors also. The common bitmap representations of bitmap graphic formats include BMP, JPEG, PCX, TIFF, XBM, GIF, and PNG.

Rounding Up

Vector logo conversion is undoubtedly a helpful solution for any sort of business. In certain areas of graphic designing, vector pictures are used and are the standard mode for printing. Since these images do not use pixels, these do not affect scaling. These can be published at the maximum resolution allowed by the display system.

It is possible to change vector graphics since the forms inside these can be ungrouped and modified. Vector images are hard to change.

As a leading online vector creator firm, Photo Editing Care would love to work for your branding. Our experience is not only limited to editing. We know how to create impactful logos for your brand. Also, we can help you out with the logo adjustment as well as vector conversion.

Get to us with the sample file format that you want to reproduce in vector. Try us then choose us the do the job.


Photo Editing Care is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

N.B: Next step would be your images upload option.

Image-editing company you can trust to save you time, money and stress on every project.



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