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Photoshop clipping path is the primary editing solution that every related business is searching for in the automobile field. By creating a separate path, it allows you to do critical edits.

From eliminating the background to changing the car body color, every step of image editing is incomplete without this. Even for restoring a worn-out photo, an auto multi-clipping path is just inevitable. The possibilities are endless!

Before choosing the service, you want to be assured that an agency can handle bulk image editing without compromising quality, right?

Thus, the agency should have plenty of skilled editors on the team, just as we have.


Photo Editing Care is one of the few agencies that deliver millions of pictures every month. We have worked with hundreds of automobile businesses. Our specialized clipping service makes sense. It is possibly the best deal you will hardly find anywhere else. For our new visitors, we are offering a Free Quote.



What is Automobile Clipping Path Service?

Before understanding the service, we should have an idea of the clipping path first. It is an editing method to divide and select a specific part of an image. The editing method is used to hide unwanted parts of the picture.

It actually saves the clipped path and the frame separately. The purpose is to distinguish each of the layers. We use this service to get access to particular future editing.

We often use the Pen tool in Photoshop to do the task. The created layers can be edited in InDesign as well.

Without the automobile pic editing, clipping path is also used in other niches. For instance, we offer a similar service for product photo editing as well.

This service makes it easier to wipe out the background of a car image. It also enables us to optimize colors, develop vehicle shadows, remove spots, etc.

Our vehicle picture editing solution includes simple, multi, and complex clipping services. Depending on the complexity level, the service can be denoted into any of the classes.

Who Need Vehicle Clipping Path Editing Service?

Car path making service is widely used in the automobile industry. From manufacturers to vehicle photographers, everyone needs this.

Car Clipping Path 3 Car clipping path

Automobile Manufacturers

Manufacturing the most fantastic car model is not enough. As one of the vehicle manufacturing brands, you have to execute a substantial marketing presence both online and offline. From your website to catalogs, vehicle images are necessary.

Whatever the platform is, the pictures should represent first-class branding. Your suppliers should have a clear glance at both the interior and exterior colors. It helps them to guess the built-in quality.

Our editing service is a benchmark for thriving automobile brands. The team of professionals knows how to flourish your car images. The clipping path is the ultimate solution to bring all of your automobile pictures to the next level. We help you to conquer success in this competitive niche.

Clipping path solution Vehicle Distributor House or Dealers

As an automobile distributor, you are committed to various car manufacturers. Every one of them is expecting a boom in your supply chain.

You have the core responsibility to handle both domestic and offshore clients. How you are representing the vehicle models online affects your and their businesses too.

So, you have to be very careful about your marketing contents. Uploading vivid car images with proper shadow and retouching is essential. The clipping path solution enables you to do those subtle editing.

Car Clipping Path 2 Car clipping path
Car Clipping Path 4 Car clipping path

Car Showroom Owners

Automobile outlets are the place where maximum end customer sales occur. You have to display cars through banner, flex, custom catalog even on your nameplate. From social media to websites, you present all the car models.

As a showroom owner, you should display more, but there are some limitations. For instance, you cannot invest time and money in every pixel of all vehicle models. You should not take the responsibility all by yourself.

Car clipping service allows you to change the vehicle color naturally. You can expand your offering list to the sky on both catalog and social media pages. It will not even cost you that much!

Vehicle Professional Photographer

Say you are offering a car photography service. You already know that the clients are expecting editing service too. They are busy individuals and don’t have time to maintain a team for every task. Besides, it won’t be a wise decision to hire a sole photo editor.

You will be amazed to learn how costly it is to bear that sort of expert. It would be a hassle for you to monitor that editor too.

Our editing experts make a clipping path for every raw image. If your clients ask for vehicle retouching in the future, we can serve that too. The solution enables us to deliver faster, whenever you need.

Car Clipping Path 5 Car clipping path
Car Clipping Path 6 Car clipping path

Digital Marketing Agencies

Your agency may support car business owners to settle their marketing stunts. It’s a vital role that you are playing on behalf of them.

Our editing service is reasonable. So, you can cut the cost while ensuring your profit margin.

Technical Importance of Vehicle Clipping Path

Clipping path service is the preliminary editing step for any minor to complex vehicle photo editing. This service allows us to do some major editing afterward.

Car Clipping Path 7 Car clipping path

Car Clipping Path 8 rev Car clipping path

Car Photo Cut Out

Our clipping path solution cuts out the vehicles from the images. It allows us to make the pictures background-free. You can also ask for adding a new background. It amplifies the outlook of the subject.

Car Background Replacement

No one wants to witness a car photo with those unappealing backgrounds. It does not look professional either. You need to remove the background before shadow placement to make it more realistic.

Just like images, it is vital for video marketing too. You need a background-free car pic for videos or thumbnail. The clipping path makes those tasks easy-peasy.

Car Clipping Path 9 Car clipping path
Car Clipping Path 10 Car clipping path

Vehicle Color Correction

Often vehicle owners face a problem. They have one car model in stock with a single color. Their customer frequently asks for showing the other color options. With this editing trick, we solve this issue.

A multi-clipping path allows us to select and cut an automobile body into different parts. Later it can be used to change the color of those layers. That is how you can get multiple colors for a car from a single photo.

The editing method is not limited to that. With a multi-path solution, we can improve the tone and give your vehicle picture a cinematic look.

Drop Shadow of Car Images

Without the clipping path, adding natural shadow in a car photo is impossible. The editing power gives us access to create a similarly shaped layer for the car.

Then we can change the layer color to black. And lastly, by doing some enhancements, we can turn it into a realistic shadow. We may use the Brush tool, but it won’t bring perfection.

Car Clipping Path 11 Car clipping path
Car Clipping Path 12 Car clipping path

Car Photo Restoration

Sometimes your vehicle photo may need repairing touch. It mostly happens when you have worn a hard copy of an image and need to make a digital copy. The path editing lets us target the major parts and restore them by other tools.

Strategical Benefits of Car Clipping Path Service

A clipping path service delivers you significant advantages. It can create a positive impact on marketing, branding, and budgeting. Let’s see how –

People are going to buy a car from you, not other random pieces of stuff. They will not invest their lifelong savings if you can’t give them the experience they desire.

You have fewer competitors than other industries. Yet, the competition is severe. If you want to win over them, you have to be serious about the marketing contents.

Your vehicle images should possess quality. The clipped layer of a car pic can be saved in high resolution. It triggers your audiences’ subconscious minds. They start to think you care about their experience. Thus, they develop trust for your brand.

Removing the bland backdrop and adding shadow make your car pictures better. Attractive vehicle images tend to get more engagement. It is needless to say that more action acquires more sales. A statistic says that better product photos can boost up online sales up to 3x.

Our clipping path solution is ideal for any sort of car business. You don’t need to dedicate a separate floor for editors ever. This service is a lifelong commitment. It will save your pocket.

You don’t have to worry about the quality. Our team is experienced and knows what standard your customers expect.

Our service is vital yet offered at a reasonable price. You don’t have to cut the cost of other organizational expenses. No compromises and you get what you want.

You are supposed to have a bulk amount of car images to edit every month. It is essential to get the delivery on time. That is what a first-rated photo editing service can do.

Having a big team of editors, we can meet your need for clipping a massive number of images. There won’t be any quality compromise or missing the train.

The best thing about this service is you get the chance to justify the quality. Whether you have a small or large quantity of pictures, you don’t have to invest first.

The free quote facility allows you to try the clipping path service. If you are satisfied with the offering, then let’s build a healthy relation.

Sometimes you may want further changes in editing. For example, you think there should be an extra layer or shape. Or, maybe you want more or fewer anchor points. Our service offers unlimited revision support to solve those concerns.

Uses of Car Clipping Path Service to Modify Vehicle Images

In brief, automobile clipping path editing is the bridge to all solutions.

So, no matter what you want to achieve with your car images, it is the route you have to follow.

  • For the car background remove, you require this service. It also allows you to add a new set of paths with a realistic outlook.
  • With clipping support, you can expect to change the vehicle color to whatever you want.
  • The vehicle clipping helps you pick the automobile from any images and implant them in other graphical marketing tools. For example, you can add the car pictures in banners, flex, leaflet, etc.
  • If there is a need to remove a specific object from a car pic, you can do that too with the help of a clipping path. It will look like the object was never there before.
  • Often you need to retouch the vehicle photos. Sometimes it is for creating a different effect for the car. Thus, we have to make the parts of a vehicle body selectable. As a result, when we make any changes in a piece, it will not affect the rest.
  • While removing spots from a car photo, it is better to make a path. It will make the spot healing process more straightforward and subtle.
  • Maybe the most important use of the clipping path is to make a shadow. Creating a realistic shadow allows you to make a similar shape of the car parts and place it correctly. Then you can keep the shadow editing without touching other parts of the image.
  • Even for creating reflection or eliminating sun or mirror glares, the editing touch is essential. It gives you access to mark each issue separately and then solve it. We usually use the multi-clipping for this purpose. Our service is vital for repairing the lighting condition of a car picture.

We know those patchy tricks of rendering that result in high-quality photos with nominal file size. Buzz us for your automobile clipping path anytime.

Our Clipping Path Design Service – Why You Should Pick Us

There are bunches of photo editing agencies out there. But only a few of them can deliver the value you deserve. Let’s be straightforward about why Photo Editing Care is an opportunity for your automobile business.

We are very strict about reporting our clients frequently according to their preference. Unlike other editing service providers, you get all the documentation of every delivery separately. It will also help you to settle organizational accounts.

In this business, editing service is a need due to the bulk quantity of images. If you are considering us for this crucial responsibility, we will honor you as well. No matter the niche or what type of solution you are expecting, you can always get discounts on your order. PEC is the best suit for saving more cost and getting more value.

While our editing team becomes busy, the customer care team is always there to listen to your feedback. You will get to know every bit of the working pipeline.

After the previous years of experience, we have built a broad team with skilled players. We are proudly announcing only a few in the industry can meet our production margin. Right now, we are delivering millions of images to more than a hundred clients. No dissatisfaction, no delay.

We serve as the same team with our clients. The goal is to ensure branded car photos. It is a creative process. So, we accept any correction that can enhance the image output.

Our Car Dealer Photo Editor Service – A Specialized Wing

In the automobile industry, dealers play a communicative role for both showroom owners and customers. They have the essential responsibility to market the vehicles to the customers in a meaningful way. They want to make it easy for associate sellers so that they can grab the market.

Unlike others, automobile dealers have a huge chunk of car images to upload online. Having a compressed size and relatively better visual is a must.  So, they have a bulk number of photos to edit.

Our specialized editing crew takes care of the hassles by delicately optimizing every pixel of a photo. No matter the quantity or the budget you have, we always get your back.

We have made it as much as convenient for you wrapped with a reasonable price. We are already working for bunches of automobile dealers to support their car photo editing. Buzz us for the first Image Trial now.

What Makes Us Unique

Services Photo Editing Care Others
The A-level editing team is driven by talent and experience Yes Yes / No
Rate of Client Satisfaction 95% Average 70% – 80%
Fast Delivery Yes Depends
Free Trial Yes Yes/No
After-sale Service 24/7 Not on weekends
Full Photo Editing Solution All Not all of them
Money-back Guarantee Yes No
Unlimited Revisions Yes 1 or 2 times
Bulk Order Discounts Always Sometimes

How We Edit Car Clipping Path in Photoshop

The automobile clipping path is stressful. Thus, manual selection is always the best practice to follow. Although there is a particular extent to which we can make it automatic.

We don’t need the standard Pen tool for this purpose. However, a basic knowledge of ‘how the tool works’ is an advantage.

There are actually many ways to make an automatic selection in Photoshop. The trick is, we can convert that automatic selection to a path. Let’s find out how we do it in the magical world of Photoshop.

First, we are going to use the Quick Selection tool here. Then we will just simply use the tool like painting on the car. It will make a selection of the car part. If we miss any detail, we can zoom in and do the painting again. It will make a fine selection.

If we want to add a particular area, we can use the Lasso tool as well.  We have to hold the Shift key and then make the selection. For subtracting one specific area, we use Alt or the Option key.

When we are done with the process, it is time to make a path of that selection. So, we will make a right-click on the selected part. And then, we will choose the Make Work Path from the options.

On the new dialogue box, we have to assign the proper tolerance level. The amount is essential here. If the tolerance is very high, it is going to be very smooth with the least amount of anchor points.

The result may not be in favor of an adequate clipping path. We have to find out the balance that will make it so smooth, neither too harsh.

One thing we should remember that it is still a work path. If we use the Pen Tool to make any further changes, it will not get saved. Hence, we have to save the path first.

For that, we have to go to the Path tab. We will see the work path there. After clicking on that, it will open the Save Path window. There we have to type a name and click on Ok. It will save the path automatically.

The layer we have created earlier is an automated path. So, there will be a need to retouch it so that every anchor point merges correctly.

First of all, we will use the Move tool. While the tool is selected, we will hold the Ctrl key and click on the point we want to edit. For Mac, it should be the Command key.

We may want to create some new handles or points also. For that reason, we will use the Pen tool. When the tool is selected, it will show an arrow if we hover over an anchor point. We can drag the pointer in a different direction for path adjustments.

That is actually all of creating an automatic clipping path. In either way, it requires manual handling. But this will minimize the time and stress a lot.


Most frequent questions and answers

Commercial clipping has two thoughts. If you have a blanket number of images to make a clipping path, it will be considered commercial.

On the contrary, if you want to rescue others’ workload by dealing with a clipping service provider, that will also be counted as a commercial story. Here, you collect the orders, and we deliver the service.

We found many people were asking the same question on different platforms. The clipping path can be used to restore worn-out pictures as well. Sometimes people find an old hard copy of a photo. Then they want to patch-up those images.

The solution first requires to scan the pic. Then we open the scanned copy in Photoshop and make a multi-clipping path. Afterward, we do the manual correction and retouching process of every part to bring back the original look.

Clipping path is the most widely used photo editing technique in Photoshop. The primary purpose of this editing is to make room and access for future editing. If an image has a path, it can be separated from the rest of the photo as a different layer.

It gives us the ability to make specific changes inside the path area. We can do color correction, subject refinement, fixing hue, and lighting for further editing.

It is hard to find an editing agency that understands the value of editing duty. The best clipping path service agency should offer you the following –

  • Reasonable pricing
  • A very proficient team of editors
  • Can tackle bulk quantity
  • Offers free trial or sampling
  • Accept frequent revisions

Ending Note with A Free Quote

For any automobile business, the car clipping path is more than essential. It is not because of the reasonable service offering. The service is vital because it gives you access to thorough editing in the future.

With the path making support, you can do realistic shadowing, background removing, photo retouching, and color changes. There is also a service scope if you want to restore your memories from a worn photo.

It can solve tons of hassles for vehicle manufacturers to showroom owners. Every related business owner can also use this service for developing physical marketing components like banners and flex.

If you are still reading this, we would like to start with a free trial. No payment is required. Our professionals want to get their hands dirty and jump into your project!


Photo Editing Care is gladly offering you a FREE trial to test our service quality. You can upload your sample images, select a particular service & give any required instructions using this contact form below. You’ll get your free trial done in 1 hour.

N.B: Next step would be your images upload option.

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