PEC Refund Policy

We are so conscious of our delightful clients experience. Thus, we offer a secured service plans ensuring consistent operation.

Delay on Delivery

We will complete your order at a lower price in the scenario of a delay in production.

In such a unique circumstance of any sort, we will do a discussion to clarify the mistake. 

If our solutions do not please you, tell our customer care staff about it. We are going to negotiate a refund for you.

Payment/Refund Process

Both compensations for our digital ordered credit will be paid back to you. We will forward the payment to the checking account through which the unit was purchased. We would ensure the refund in the same way if PayPal paid the money.

Within seven working days, the committed refundable amount will be paid to your account. Our customer support officer will send a follow-up email to get you into the process during the mentioned time.

Review Policy

For review, you will get choices. Submit the photos back to us when you’re not happy with the PEC editing service. In compliance with your desire, we will do our utmost to make it the best. For some form of corrections, there would be an open door for you.

If you, by chance, find that the final work submission does not meet your expectation, we will revise all items.

This time, we will set up another conference with senior executives and you to discuss the further review and requirements in detail. All the defects you found will be double-checked with your criteria and our capacity.

If it is proved that the responsible party is the platform, we will refund the amount. Contrariwise, if we find you are expecting more than the mentioned requirements, there won’t be any applicable refund.

We should mention that we will fulfill your further editing requirements at the price offered.

Free Trial Policy

Photo Editing Care offers a Complimentary Trial of 02 photos for any new consumer.

We would not charge a fee for this facility. The designated corporate domain must cite the eligibility of this program.

If the job’s completion time takes longer than 3 hours, that will not be considered a free trial. It includes picture processing, color tuning, multi-clipping, and any editing service offered by PEC.

Refund Request Won't Be Eligible If –

  • You ask for a refund during a season when we don’t offer the facility
  • The delivered project meets all the criteria according to the contract, digital deed, and verbal commitment.
  • You break the deed before the project submission deadline.
  • Any request comes from your side after the initial delivery
  • You are not cooperating, not giving needed guidance, not communicating with the designation on due time
  • There is any technical, governmental, worldwide, natural incident, or regulation. If the Photo Editing Care company get bankrupted
  • The submitted file or any graphical material that need to be edited is/are broken, blurred, and/or not practical for filling the purpose

Photo Editing Care reserves all the rights to make changes, dismiss any of the above refund policies under any situations. Still, we assure you to get back the payment within seven days of deal termination if meeting the above criteria.

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